How To Win The British Council IELTS Award 2022: The Ultimate Guide.

How To Win The British Council IELTS Award 2022: The Ultimate Guide.

If you want to focus on studying in Germany, you must apply for the British Council IELTS Award 2022 and receive up to £ 10,000 to support your education anywhere in the world. In Germany, the British Council presents the IELTS Awards. The grant is readily available to eligible applicants who wish to pursue an undergraduate or graduate education anywhere in the world with a higher education base.

With open doors that can change lives, we present the British Council IELTS Award to help high-quality people who have the power to advance their calling and demonstrate that their research is relevant to society, Able to contribute.

The award enables eligible candidates to study at an undergraduate or postgraduate level in higher education, anywhere in the world (Germany or abroad) in an English-guided program that identifies IELTS as its certification requirement acknowledges

The British Council IELTS Award is worth between £ 3,000 and £ 10,000, depending on the training costs of the organization chosen by the winner, and will cover the cost of training for the course chosen by the individual. The award only applies to courses for the 2022-23 academic year (for example, from August 2022) and is paid directly to the institution.

If the applicant’s educational expenses are less than the ultimate individual reward of £ 10,000, the remaining assets can be used to support several other participants.

Effective candidates will demonstrate affiliation with Systems Administration within a group of IELTS people and pass on their experience to other IELTS applicants.

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 what is IELTS scholarship eligibility?

To qualify for the British Council IELTS Award Germany 2022, you must:

  • Be 18 years of age .
  • Has taken IELTS test at British Council location in Germany and obtained Authority Test Report Structure (TRF) between 1 June 2021 and 30 June 2022, issued by British Council in Germany.
  • In each of the four sections of the IELTS test, a basic band score of 6.5 is obtained in addition to the basic score of 6.5.
  • Intends to apply for the 2022-23 academic year (for example, from August 2022) A full-time undergraduate or postgraduate program taught in English at a college or other higher education institution in Germany or abroad, called IELTS Recognizes as a feature of Verification Requirements (check the Authority Verification List). Decision program education costs must be at least £ 3,000.
  • Until the latest July 31, 2022, the key educational association has the authority to confirm receipt.

Check the official IELTS identification list to see if your preferred educational association recognizes IELTS.

The global IELTS identity is constantly evolving and in case the facility you want to participate in is not registered, we strongly suggest that you ask the organization for confirmation of their latest verification requirements. Contact directly.

Important data

  • Application deadline: June 30, 2022 (2:00 PM, German time)
  • Interviews of shortlisted candidates (on web): August 2022
  • Certificate of Residence Received from Major Educational Association: After 31st July 2022
  • Last winner and all candidates announced: August 2022

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How to apply British Council IELTS Award 2022? 

  • Take the IELTS test in Focus approved by the British Council in Germany and obtain the Authority Test Report Structure (TRF) from 1 June 2021 to 30 June 2022, issued by the British Council in Germany. (Please note that the TRF issued by the testing community outside of Germany cannot be recognized.)
  • Complete and submit the web-based application structure before 2 pm (German time) on June 30, 2022.

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Assessment process

  • Applications will be scrutinized initially to ensure they meet the British Council’s IELTS Award eligibility models and will be reviewed by the British Council / Advanced Board of Representatives.
  • Five candidates will be shortlisted based on their applications, including their own claims.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be contacted to provide evidence to support their application, for example, a duplicate of their IELTS Test Report Structure (TRF) and a copy of their ID.
  • The final shortlisted candidates will be reviewed by the British Council / Board of Advanced Education (on the web). They will report.

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